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The Romance Is Dead (In Real Estate)

The Internet, and technology in general, has changed so many things so quickly. It’s easy to lament as opposed to celebrate the technological and cultural evolution that’s happening right before our eyes. I say embrace it. Celebrate it. It’s not going away so don’t ignore it. Understand how change is impacting everything from self-driving cars to the way we buy real estate. Years ago, people would spend their weekends driving the countryside looking at real estate. Perusing fabulously decorated model homes and truly immersing themselves in the space, understanding the flow from one room to the next and imagining their families lives in the home of their dreams. Not so today. Who has the time? Plus, the Internet has made shopping for everything a click away. Nope, today we sit comfortably in our pajamas with a bottomless, hot cup of Joe and click through galleries, floor plans, elevations, virtual tours, […]