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A Case for Print in the Digital Age

“We were probably mistaken to think of words on screens as substitutes for words on paper. They seem to be different things, suited to different kinds of reading and providing different sorts of aesthetic and intellectual experiences” 1 We are living in the Digital Age. The average American adult spends about half of his or her waking hours looking at screens (televisions, computers, mobile phones)2 and about 87% of Americans have access to the Internet.3 With that kind of proliferation then, it seems obvious that online marketing should be the backbone of any advertising campaign and that is true. A digital campaign can target a lot of users quickly. It can put your product directly in front of the people who want to buy it through ad targeting. However, there is a case to be made for the importance of print advertising as well. A few years ago, experts were […]

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Stop Misusing Color

Color is not to be misused. It demands attention, sets the tone and evokes emotion. Yet, many of us misuse color. Well, stop it! Stop thinking color has to be this or color needs to go here or there or represent this and that. The question is, can you make the color work? Does the color represent the look and feel you’re trying to achieve? Does the color represent your message? Color is best when it follows your first instinct. Unless you have bad instincts, always go with your first reaction. Disclaimer‚Äö√Ñ√Æif you make bad decisions and have poor instincts, it is advised that you work with someone who does not! Why? Color should be carefully chosen, but it should not be overanalyzed. Color is color. It either works or it doesn’t. It‚’ kind of like a hair cut. If you get a bad haircut, maybe it‚’ bad because you […]

Helpful Ways to Avoid a Creative Block- Part 1

It happens. ¬¨‚ĆSometimes you just hit that creative wall. ¬¨‚ĆFor individuals who thrive on creativity, or whose jobs revolve around having to being creative, like the Advertising Industry, experiencing that creative block can be very frustrating and at times stressful. ¬¨‚ĆRelax. ¬¨‚ĆHere are some tips we found that might help when you come face to face with that wall. 1. Sketch or doodle in a notebook. ¬¨‚ĆWhen you’re faced with a new project, try just sketching out concepts or ideas in a notebook. ¬¨‚ĆDrawing or doodling has a way of freeing up your mind and usually helps to distract from the millions of other things going on in there- because we all know that the mind can be a crazy, hectic place sometimes. ¬¨‚ĆTaking a few minutes to draw is a good way to get the creative juices going again and you might be surprised how easily ideas come back […]