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A Case for Print in the Digital Age

“We were probably mistaken to think of words on screens as substitutes for words on paper. They seem to be different things, suited to different kinds of reading and providing different sorts of aesthetic and intellectual experiences” 1 We are living in the Digital Age. The average American adult spends about half of his or her waking hours looking at screens (televisions, computers, mobile phones)2 and about 87% of Americans have access to the Internet.3 With that kind of proliferation then, it seems obvious that online marketing should be the backbone of any advertising campaign and that is true. A digital campaign can target a lot of users quickly. It can put your product directly in front of the people who want to buy it through ad targeting. However, there is a case to be made for the importance of print advertising as well. A few years ago, experts were […]

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Online Banner Advertising – The Needle in the Haystack vs. The Spaghetti Wall

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Regardless of whatever new technologies emerge in online advertising, there are still no silver bullets. No panacea. No one thing that is going to answer all your needs. You still need a blended approach. It seems like daily, there’s a new technology emerging that allows online marketers to get closer and closer to their intended audience. Geo-targeting, retargeted, placement targeting, layering of third-party data for hyper-intent targeting, geo-fencing and conquest targeting — all enable online marketers to find the needle in the haystack. At a cost that can be considerably more than simply throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall-and-seeing-if-it-sticks numbers game approach. So does it work? The data we’ve seen suggests it’s a relative answer. In short, it depends on how you measure success. Is your goal quantity or quality or some blend of the two? We would suggest the latter. Yes, today, we can […]


How to Drip like Apple: A Guide to Anticipation Marketing

“They’re making another one already?” That’s what people say when rumors of the next iPhone first begin to surface. But what do they say when it’s finally out? “Oh you got the new one!? I’m picking mine up next week.” How in the world does Apple get people to this point? From “I’ll wait till the next one” to “Backorder!? Why didn’t they make more?‚” It’s simple really. They drip like Chinese water torture. Even if you’re not familiar with the term “drip” I guarantee you’ve experienced it. It’s when companies release bits of information about their product to customers slowly. Always enough to peak their appetite, but never enough to satisfy. It leaves them starved for the next morsel of information. It’s how Apple gets people eating out of their hands and forming lines days in advance of release dates. It starts with a rumor. Then a few more […]