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Why Adwords is the Best SEO Tool Around

For those who don’t know, Adwords is the system used to get paid ads in the sponsored section of the Google Search Engine. SEO is all about getting your site to rank in the organic “unpaid” results. They are two very different things. So what does Adwords have to do with your SEO efforts? One word… testing. How do you know which keywords you should be striving to rank for if you don’t run some tests first? The truth is you don’t. You might be able to guess or make an assumption, but you don’t truly know until you start bringing in traffic for your desired keywords. The Expensive SEO Mistake Many Businesses Make Let’s take a look at what many businesses do. First, They pick a handful of keywords and say to themselves, “If I could just rank for these keywords my business would take off!” Then they hire […]

Content Marketing Demystified

Content is still the irrefutable king in the land of online marketing. And although content marketing has been around forever, it has recently become a hugely popular buzzword. So what is it exactly? Here‚’ what Wikipedia has to say: Content marketing¬¨‚Ćis any¬¨‚Ćmarketing¬¨‚Ćformat that involves the creation and sharing of¬¨‚Ćmedia and publishing content¬¨‚Ćin order to acquire customers. This information can be presented in a variety of media, including news, video, white papers, ebooks, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, Q&A‚’, photos, etc. Pretty basic, but you get the idea of the fundamental purpose of content marketing. Create content. Promote it. Acquire new customers. SEO and the Biggest Content Marketing Myth Is content marketing great for SEO? Absolutely. When you add a blog to your website and write high quality posts you become an authority for your industry. Google recognizes authorities and rewards them by ranking them higher for industry terms. However, there […]