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AdsIntelligence RepEngine: Discover Your Community’s Online Reputation & How to Improve It

How much does your community’s online reputation affect on-site traffic? Nearly every prospect will do an online search for reviews before making any important decisions. Online ratings and reviews of your community are a crucial factor when it comes to attracting new prospects. You may never get a chance to show them the on-site experience you’ve worked so hard to create if your online reputation is lacking. What if your community has no reviews? Why rock the boat? Having no reviews is seen as a negative mark, not a positive one. Competitive properties who have reviews, even if they are mediocre, will be seen as more legitimate. Web users have come to be suspicious of locations with no ratings or reviews. Based on multiple research studies from reputable sources, we know that almost everyone reads online reviews. Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase 93% of […]

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We’re Not Done Yet: Our Work Wins Six Awards at GALA 2018

While Bruce is the man of the hour (and probably the rest of the year, if we’re being completely honest), we have more exciting awards to announce! Sometimes success depends on the level of collaboration that is exhibited to get to the final product, which is the exact reason we have a strong focus on developing relationships with our clients. With the hard work of the AdsIntelligence marketing and design teams, paired with the guidance of the partners and clients, we are proud to announce our work received the following awards: Best Website for Master Planned Residential Community – Embrey Mill Best Print Advertising Campaign – Live the Best by Bayside Best Integrated Marketing Campaign for Master Planned/Mixed Use Community – One Loudoun   In addition to these well-deserved awards, our work also received the following Awards of Merit: Community of the Year – Bayside Best Website for Master Planned […]

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Bruce Borcz Is Awarded Highest Honor at the 2018 GALA

October has been a very exciting month for AdsIntelligence Marketing! Why, you ask? Well, for one, it’s the season for the Great American Living Awards, an awards ceremony that honors the building industry’s best and brightest. From grand awards to sales achievements to marketing and design materials, professionals within all aspects of the industry get their chance to shine as they’re recognized for their hard work and dedication. One award, in particular, has us celebrating here at AdsIntelligence – the Hall of Fame award. Each year, this grand award goes to one individual who has been an extraordinarily influential player in the Washington Metropolitan area building industry. We’re proud to announce that our very own, Bruce Borcz, was the winner of the 2018 Hall of Fame award, and we couldn’t think of anyone more deserving (because to us, he’s already a legend!). “I am pleased, honored and humbled by the […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 3

Part One and Part Two flew by, now we’re on our last leg of the Google My Business journey. We’ve discussed what GMB is, how you can utilize its features to combine SEO and social efforts with search, and how to collect insights to learn more about your customers’ searching habits. So, what’s next? One thing we have yet to cover is reviews. You know, the feedback you’re given by customers based on your service or product. Google Reviews (and Q&A’s) provide business owners with a way to make a great first impression on prospects and may even push them through the sales funnel. Q&A’s and Reviews When a customer makes a Google search for your business, they’re given the option to write a review and/or ask a question. When a review is given, or a question is asked, you have the opportunity to respond with a relevant answer. You will be […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 2

In Part One of The Intersection of SEO & Social, we talked about the different features of Google My Business, including Google Posts which allow you to share videos and posts you may have only posted on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. But wait – there’s more! Just like social media, you’re able to check the stats behind these posts with Google Insights. Collecting Insights After you make your Google Post on your GMB listing, you’re able to check in and see how your profile is performing. The information Google Insights provides is very similar to Google Analytics (let’s call it BGA – short for Baby Google Analytics) and will include: Where your customers viewed your listing (either from the search page or Google Maps) Top locations your customers are requesting directions from Total photo views and quantity (including your photos and uploaded photos from customers) Common actions on your GMB […]

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The Intersection of SEO & Social – Google My Business: Part 1

It’s no secret that social media is changing. Each day we wake up there’s something new. We typically think of our favorite social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But don’t forget Google, the world’s most beloved search engine. It’s imperative to consider Google when thinking about social media platforms and cross aggregating. But first, let’s touch base on one of the most important things Google has recently brought us – Google My Business. Google My Business (also known as GMB) is a free tool provided by Google that allows business owners to improve their brand’s online presence via search engines within their local region. This ability is essential to local SEO efforts and is just like social media in the sense that Google My Business will enable consumers to find your business as a result of organic search. Fill in the Blanks: Creating an Account with GMB Creating an account […]

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For Immediate Release: BorczDixon is now AdsIntelligence Marketing

We have always been an agency of great people fostering great relationships. Our combination of unmatched creativity, marketing experience and advertising intelligence has been the force behind our strategies. We have always seen our role as the full-service advertising agency that keeps its clients on the forefront of an evolving marketing landscape, combined with technologies that drive innovative and creative results. It’s bigger than Bruce Borcz and Jay Dixon. It’s our entire team and the collaborative relationships we have with each of our clients that drive success. It’s only logical that our agency evolve its own brand to reflect this ever changing dynamic of marketing—hence: AdsIntelligence Marketing Your Digital Media Engine is a marketing company that combines a legacy of creativity and intelligent marketing solutions with changing digital and traditional strategies. Your website is the central force at the heart of your marketing efforts engine. AdsIntelligence is your Digital Media […]

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Video Becomes the Star of the Show

Businesses have just seconds to win over customers. Reading undoubtedly takes a lot more time than a video message. Video adds to the visual aspect and the persuasion factor increases noticeably. Plus, it is found that more action is taken by the user after watching a video.  

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The Importance of Video in the Social Marketing Sphere

When it comes to reaching out to prospective clients, video offers a unique form of communication that gets across what text and audio simply can’t. Industry trends indicate video use will be on the rise among the marketing community. Here at Borcz + Dixon, we’ve noticed that trend as well and our clients have benefitted from it. Here are some guidelines to ensure your videos hit their mark. Originality Make it memorable. Whether your audience views a six-, 15- or 30-second video, it‚’ imperative that something stands out. Apple has made waves in recent months in the form of a pre-teen uttering three simple words: ‚”What‚’ a computer?‚” Unknowingly, she not only ignited a conversation about modern-day technology but became the centerpiece of a commercial in which people vividly remember the brand and the details of the video. Live videos Facebook, Instagram and Periscope offer businesses the chance to produce […]

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Dogs and Donuts: The Importance of Company Culture

You may be wondering how Borcz+Dixon achieves such a high level of advertising awesomeness. We’re gonna let you in on a little secret.. We believe in having fun at work. Sure, we totally believe that hard work and dedication are REALLY important parts of creating the best work we can, but those aren’t the only ingredients in our advertising cake. If hard work and dedication are the flour and eggs, then collaboration, teamwork, positive attitude, and fun are the butter, baking powder, vanilla, and sugar. All baking metaphors aside, there are a lot of different things that come together to make us a great agency. One little piece of wisdom that we’d like to pass on is this: a happy team is a successful team. How do we create a successful team? Dogs. We have dogs in the office. I’m kidding… kind of. Dogs aren’t the only thing that helps […]

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GALA 2017 Recap: DC‚’s Finest Dress to Impress

Each year at the Great American Living Awards, attendees are given one complimentary drink and an evening of unlimited entertainment as they gather to honor the top professionals in residential home design, sales, and marketing in the metropolitan D.C. market. We were thrilled to be the social media sponsors at this prestigious event for the third year in a row, and had an unforgettable night filled with amazing conversation and some hilarious TapSnap pictures to take home with us! To start off the evening, Rhonda took the stage in a perfect display of beauty and talent, with an elegant rendition of ‚”What a Wonderful World‚” to get the audience going. Following her performance and the first few awards was a heart-warming tribute to Jim Vance during which Jodi Leigh spoke of his life, work, passions, and amazing soul that he instilled in this community. As a slideshow of photos rolled […]

Grand Night at the GALA

What do you get when you mix some of the best people in the business, a black tie affair, and a few shiny awards? A great night! On Thursday night, the men and women of Borcz-Dixon put on their bow ties and high heels and headed to the Great American Living Awards (GALA) in Tyson‚’ Corner, Virginia! The GALA event, honoring the building industry’s best and brightest, is the most prestigious residential design, sales, and marketing competition in the metropolitan Washington market, so it was an honor just to attend. Borcz-Dixon had the privilege of being nominated for several awards for their work with multiple clients, and we were excited to see how everyone would fare! Upon arriving at the beautiful McLean Hilton in Tyson‚’ Corner, we were able to greet friends and business associates during the cocktail reception. After spending time chatting with everyone, it was finally time to […]

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The Romance Is Dead (In Real Estate)

The Internet, and technology in general, has changed so many things so quickly. It’s easy to lament as opposed to celebrate the technological and cultural evolution that’s happening right before our eyes. I say embrace it. Celebrate it. It’s not going away so don’t ignore it. Understand how change is impacting everything from self-driving cars to the way we buy real estate. Years ago, people would spend their weekends driving the countryside looking at real estate. Perusing fabulously decorated model homes and truly immersing themselves in the space, understanding the flow from one room to the next and imagining their families lives in the home of their dreams. Not so today. Who has the time? Plus, the Internet has made shopping for everything a click away. Nope, today we sit comfortably in our pajamas with a bottomless, hot cup of Joe and click through galleries, floor plans, elevations, virtual tours, […]

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The Power of Pinterest

Since its inception in 2010, Pinterest has captivated and inspired users with its innovative yet simplistic visual discovery engine. Pinterest bringing stories to life and helping users (also known as “Pinners”) discover new things they want may want to plan, buy and experience in the future. The unique, visual nature of Pinterest continues to captivate new users with its continuous stream of content that Pinners simply love to engage with! Why is this social platform such a sensation? And more importantly—as marketers, how is Pinterest relevant to the modern marketing plan? Read on to learn a few of the many profound powers of Pinterest, according to the social media experts here at Borcz + Dixon: Inspire Your Audience: Today’s consumers continue to turn to Pinterest because they are looking to be inspired. Pinterest is a powerful way for businesses to reach both new and existing target audiences in a new and exciting way. Pinterest helps users find creative ideas and inspiration for future projects, events and […]

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Missing Link in Real Estate Marketing Found?

We can show website traffic. We can show leads. Heck, we can even show you what phone brand and model brings in the most website visitors. All of which can be used to improve a digital marketing campaign. But there is one link missing that could bring it all together. That is, until now. Foursquare recently announced the launch of Attribution Powered by Foursquare, which allows advertisers to track the amount of in-store foot traffic that results from their digital advertising efforts. Let me repeat that‚Äö√Ѭ∂ You can actually see if the online campaigns you are running are bringing people into your physical location. It‚’ time to start justifying those advertising dollars. How does it work? Basically it uses GPS enabled apps on smartphones to track where the user goes after exposure to an ad. This only works if the smart phone user has agreed to leave their location-sharing feature […]

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A Case for Print in the Digital Age

“We were probably mistaken to think of words on screens as substitutes for words on paper. They seem to be different things, suited to different kinds of reading and providing different sorts of aesthetic and intellectual experiences” 1 We are living in the Digital Age. The average American adult spends about half of his or her waking hours looking at screens (televisions, computers, mobile phones)2 and about 87% of Americans have access to the Internet.3 With that kind of proliferation then, it seems obvious that online marketing should be the backbone of any advertising campaign and that is true. A digital campaign can target a lot of users quickly. It can put your product directly in front of the people who want to buy it through ad targeting. However, there is a case to be made for the importance of print advertising as well. A few years ago, experts were […]

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Online Banner Advertising – The Needle in the Haystack vs. The Spaghetti Wall

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Regardless of whatever new technologies emerge in online advertising, there are still no silver bullets. No panacea. No one thing that is going to answer all your needs. You still need a blended approach. It seems like daily, there’s a new technology emerging that allows online marketers to get closer and closer to their intended audience. Geo-targeting, retargeted, placement targeting, layering of third-party data for hyper-intent targeting, geo-fencing and conquest targeting — all enable online marketers to find the needle in the haystack. At a cost that can be considerably more than simply throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall-and-seeing-if-it-sticks numbers game approach. So does it work? The data we’ve seen suggests it’s a relative answer. In short, it depends on how you measure success. Is your goal quantity or quality or some blend of the two? We would suggest the latter. Yes, today, we can […]