Internet Marketing Tools

Cast a wide web and be rewarded for your efforts!

Search engines rank your website based on its relevance both internally via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and externally across the Internet. Search engines love to see the inter-connectivity expansion across the Internet. They reward you with higher rankings for propagating relevant content across a wide variety of websites. Thus the popularity of social networking, linking campaigns, blogging, RSS feeds and the like.

While there’s certainly no harm in leveraging these additional online marketing tools, it’s not easy to quantify the return on the investment. Like traditional Public Relations efforts, these seemingly “free” promotional opportunities are anything but. They require a great deal of time and effort to initiate and maintain effectively.

We typically employ these tactics after we have achieved a successful and sustainable Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click program on behalf of our clients.

Other online marketing & advertising opportunities that we would manage, on your behalf, may include:

  • Linking Campaigns
  • e-PR (electronic public relations)
  • Impressions Campaigns (banner advertising)
  • Blogs (web logging)
  • Social Network Marketing (SNM ‚YouTube, FaceBook, etc.)
  • RSS Feeds (really simple syndication)