Social Network Marketing (SNM)

Social Media, It’s Time You Take it Seriously

Welcome to the digital age where trends move like lightning and customers expect an intimate level of access to top brands. Social media is the newest form of PR, so nurturing your social conversation and managing your brand’s reputation is just as important these days as simply growing a marketable audience.

Social media is certainly the most important channel to hit advertising since the birth of search engine marketing. At AdsIntelligence we offer a full suite of tools and services to effectively manage and promote your brand on the most relevant social networks. Our social media management puts your brand in a direct conversation with your core audience to provide a more personal level of service that traditional marketing channels cannot provide while maintaining strong brand reputation and top of mind awareness with your growing audience.

Our Approach

The AdsIntelligence approach to social media is all about building, creation and socializing.

  1. Build the audience. We cast a wide social net then grow your followers on top networks.
  2. Create the most engaging content. We develop the content that your users are most interested in reading and sharing.
  3. Socialize with your audience. We stop shouting about your brand and instead start the conversation with followers, encouraging user response.

What We Do with Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation
  • SEO Blog Content Creation
  • Channel Monitoring
  • Management of Social Identity & Brand Consistency
  • Traffic, Reach and Engagement Monitoring and Analysis
  • Content Aggregation and Seeding
  • Widgets, Badges and Other Social Media Tools